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About us

About us

AdLine Industries is a segment of AdLine Solutions, appeared at a growing demand from wood, metal, stone, ceramics and composite companies in Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary.

Over 20 years of shareholder experience and industrial equipment team allow AdLine Industries to offer the most competitive heavy duty equipment at the high-quality service level established by AdLine Solutions.

AdLine installs annually over 100 equipment from rigorously selected manufacturers, carefully monitored and tested for over 5 years. We have prepared the largest and fastest intervention team to help our customers benefit from as few stops as possible from the production cycle, and we are now dedicating an entire division to our industrial partners.

We focus on the distribution of intensive use equipment and we trust our equipment. In addition to the warranty of 12 to 36 months and over 6,000 hours of operation, we offer a full range of services including commissioning, financing solutions and consultancy to identify the right solution for each customer.

Nichifor Zabava:

“We need to support local production and are dedicated in the support of customers with complete technical solutions at accessible prices, some even at half prices that those of our competitors.

For reliability we have the industrial equipment of the most serious world producers and we guarantee the consumables on stock, 10 years technical support and 24h service intervention.

We decided that we promote our equipment fully equipped with the most competitive prices, with the most reasonable components, and improve constant services, thus aiming to develop long term partnerships with local production companies. “

HSG Laser is Asia’s largest laser equipment manufacturer with presence in Asia, Europe and America. The 3 factories in China, with massive investments in research and development and direct collaboration with the world’s largest component manufacturers, ensure, in addition to speed and precision, a minimum of 15 years of equipment.

The precision of our equipment is not accidental, it is the result of a continuous improvement effort. The accuracy of servo systems, guides and transmissions, sources, fiber and laser heads, nesting systems and controllers allow for 0.001mm programming and impeccable processing. We guarantee not only the best price-quality ratio but also a long-term exploitation at optimal parameters.

Standard equipment warranties are 12 months without limitation of operating hours but they can be extended up to 3 years or 6000 hours of operation. The gantry has a 15 year anti-deformation warranty (CO2-protected welding at 600 ° C and 24h in the furnace), IPG laser sources have 100,000h operation, Precitec more than 10-year laser heads operation and HiWin or Alpha Beckhoff transmissions last between 7 And 10 years.

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE is provided by both Adline and HSG. We want to build confidence in our equipment. Machines are designed to work intensively, so you can rely on them for the most demanding projects. At the same time we have the largest dedicated team of engineers that can intervene quickly to not affect your production cycle.

You also benefit from:

  • Physical intervention within 24 hours or remote connection on the equipment
  • Technical assistance 24/7
  • Department dedicated to support in the execution of complex landmarks
  • Stock supplies at preferential prices
  • In the unlikely less than 1% of the laser source to exchange

FINANCING – We offer each client the optimal option: European funds, leasing or payment in installments. We work with all leasing companies in the market, we provide tax consultancy for project implementation and if your company is a solid one, we can directly grant you a payment term of up to 12 months.

CUSTOMER CREDIT – Although we are the largest supplier of equipment, we actually want to become the best. We have grown and perfected our activities based on our clients’ advice, as we are aware of the fact that trust builds hard but can easily be lost. And now and in the future we will ensure our commitment and total commitment.