HS G3015S – CNC debitare laser 4.000w-8.000w, 2.8G acceleratie si taiere 196m/min


Displayed price is for the 4.000w IPG laser source configuration




1. Laser cutting equipment with high production capacity and high accuracy at high repeatability

2. Modular laser source IPG 4.000 or 6.000 w, YLS code manufacture Germany

3. Precitec ProCutter Laser Head – Germany: positioning with automatic Z-axis adjustment for accurate cutting with sensor for tracking material and workpiece misalignment. Cutting corrugated board at max. Speed

4. Video camera and monitor to track your work in real time

5. Latest Servo Transmissions and Servo Motors Alpha Wittenstein and Sanyo Denky

6. Chiller with heating or cooling water function with closed circuit

7. Combustion gas absorption system included in the ceiling of the enclosure

8. Welded housing and electrostatic paint. Fully enclosed work area

9. Industrial computer and separate control unit + wireless remote control, Windows and graphic software included

10. Stack welding in CO2 protected armor, strain relief at 600 ° C and gradual cooling 24 hours in the furnace, machined beams by CNC milling 12m active working area, thus providing a 20-year anti-deformation gauntlet.

11. Interchangeable dual seat in 8 seconds pneumatically fixed

12. High-density aluminum car used in the aerospace industry, molded and pressed in 10t mold to ensure stiffness and high working speed

13. Electronica – Schneider and Omron

14. CAD / CAM features developed by CNCKad industry leaders and TwinCAT software controller to ensure the best ratio between cutting speed and cutting quality.

Techincal Parameter
Work table area 4000*2000mm (optional)
Max running speed 196m/min
X/Y location precision 0.03mm/m
Power Supply 380v 50Hz
X/Y repeated location precision ±0.03mm
Machine gross power < 15KVA
Running Temperature 0°C-40°C
Running himidity < 90%
Max. accelarated speed 2.8G


Specially used for cutting 0.5-25mm carbon steel, 0.5-20mm stainless steel, 0.5-16mm aluminum, 0.5-12mm brass, 0.5-8mm copper, as well as galvanized steel, electrolytic steel and silicon steel etc (thicknesses are related to the kinds of materials and fiber source power).

Additional information

Weight 13000 kg
Dimensions 7950 × 2900 × 3500 mm
Working Table

Tip masa

Masa dubla intesrchimbabila


Alpha Wittenstein – Germania


Sanyo Denky

Max. accelarated speed

2.8 G

Max.running speed

196 m/min

X/Y location precision

0.03 mm/m

X/Y repeated location precision

± 0.03 mm

Laser power

4.000w-4.000w-8.000w – IPG

Cap laser

Precitec ProCutter


380V, 50/60Hz, 15Kw